WordPress may be the best fediverse blog host

I’ve been trying to get Mastodon replies into the comments thread of my Micro.blog since forever, and I finally gave up and started a WordPress instead.

I prefer simple blog setups, but even though Micro.bog itself is simple, setting things up to work with other things was always a major pain. Plus I never really understood the relationship between the micro.blog part, my hosted domain part, and the ActivityPub parts.

Back on WP, the default template is pretty much perfect for me, and I can (hopefully) just enable the ActivityPub plugin and have it all work.

This post is a test. If you see it on Mastodon, please reply, and we’ll see if it works!


One response to “WordPress may be the best fediverse blog host”

  1. @charliesorrel It looks like it's working!