@boingbot This looks like it could be killer for connecting to a Mac mini running Ableton

@help Do I have to do anything to have webmention replies show up at the bottom of my posts? I'm hosting my blog with its own domain name on micro.blog, and would like to see any replies.

@jack I scan black and white, so I don't need Negative Lab Pro for processing. I keep it for metadata though. it's just fantastic.

@ajennische I read it recently too. I didn't know what to make of it while reading, but it stuck with me for a long while afterwards. Have you read any of his other books?

@jordanmerrick Wrong link. This one is direct: www.lifewire.com/why-you-s...

@jordanmerrick twitter.com/lifewiret...

@jordanmerrick I’m writing an article about shortcuts. Can I ask you a couple of questions for the piece?

@hartlco @maique I know that S-bahn station!

@manton Sent!

@manton I’m writing for Lifewire.com about the reply-customizing feature that Twitter accidentally pre-announced. I thought it would use it as an excuse to write about Micro.blog. Can I send you some (short) questions?

@jordanmerrick Fastmail’s Block feature is really handy when you use it this way.

@jordanmerrick I process incoming mails into Hey-like folders now, but the rest could definitely be left in one big folder.

I really like the Hey setup for this. It makes is easy to ignore things until you need them.

@cjkonecnik Thanks! I think they’ll blame everyone, but the more I read, the weirder this story seems.

@philipbrewer I think that’s why it was important to write an article about it, to give some context. That’s harder to do with a tweet or similar.

@cjkonecnik It is all content, in the end — from the sellers POV. I just don’t think we should adopt the language to describe ourselves. That’s where the danger lies!

@mistercharlie That sounds about right. They’re huge in Italy, for example. In Rome it seems like every other car is a smart. But they have a history of small cars.

@cjkonecnik Too early or too small? Or both?

@cjkonecnik The Smart has a regular petrol engine. I think the problem is just small cars. Folks in th U.S don’t take them seriously, or think they’re not safe.

@cjkonecnik 👍

@macgenie thanks!

@ajennische 👍

@JohnPhilpin @maique Ok, worked it out. It’s something to do with micro.blog still thinking it is using the Straightnofilter domain. I’ll take a look in the morning. Almost midnight here…

@mistercharlie Looks like the plain www version doesn’t work. I’ll fix that up.

@JohnPhilpin that’s a good start :(


@manton Thanks! I’m staying with Micro.blog. Just want to do more with that domain than I can here.