Learning piano is easier than learning guitar

I’ve started to learn to play piano. I’ve been playing the guitar for years, and I’m pretty good at it, but the keyboard is way better for electronic music than trying to send MIDI from a guitar. Plus, there’s all that sweet stuff that you can’t do on a guitar, like playing basslines and melodies together, and the huge octave range.

One thing that struck me is how much easier it is to get started on the piano. With the guitar, it’s a struggle to get anything to sound good. Chords are hard, and chord changes that are clean and in time are almost impossible.

But with the piano, it’s pretty quick to get going and play stuff that sounds good. After a week or so, I could already play Dave Brubeck’s Take Five (thanks to Francesca Williams’ tutorial on YouTube).

And speaking of Take Five, it’s way, way easier to play in Eb minor on the piano than the guitar.