@manton still running a 2008 MacBook here! Plus 2010 iMac

@jl\_siewert I don’t mind a wired keyboard, but I don’t like wiring up my trackpad. Although some keyboards have USB hubs built in, so that could work.

@jl\_siewert Does the hub have a switch? It should works the same between Macs.

@JohnPhilpin apparently once it’s set up, it works as usual.

@manton Brilliant! So simple.

@mistercharlie well, I was hoping that SoundCloud would embed a nice player.

@hooper Me too. I love the iPad, but it seems to have stalled.

@ronguest You need stickers!

@macgenie I switch between this and the regular Apple folio iPad Pro case, which I find to be excellent. Also, its microfiber lining grips my knees when I read in bed!

@mistercharlie I’m hoping it will become my Die Hard.

@mistercharlie It’s totally worth checking out. Really fun, also good for building songs.

@macgenie You can make text bold, and increase size, in the Watch’s settings. Not sure if it works for complications though.

@herself You need an ad blocker!

@joyh Excellent! I'll take a look. Would it be possible to have a "remove metadata" button right there in the Photos extension? Often I want to do just that while in thr Photos app.

@joyh No worries! I use your app every day.

@fiona Good point. But these things won’t be small. They’re big phones that turn into even bigger phones.

@cheesemaker I got most of these from friends and colleagues — don’t have an Apple Watch. But I have plenty of iPhone and iPad app recommendations!

@hooper cheers. One I started thinking about it, it seemed obvious. I wish I’d read my own article before I ordered the 512GB model though :)

@germerian That’s the gold standard.

@JohnPhilpin Good point. I bet I’ve lost a ton of pictures that way.

@JohnPhilpin For me this works well. I don’t necessarily want other people’s photos in my Camera Roll. Per-thread Settings would be best though.

@kimonostereo Shame.

@JohnPhilpin Almost. This is just for photos you take with Messages. WhatsApp also save incoming pictures.

@mistercharlie @kimonostereo

@kimonostereo That’s a beauty. Surely you can buff it shiny?