Uncanny Alley Episode 6: The Mall Cops' Dorkmobile

Possibly never previously published

This bonus episiode was possibly never published. It doesn’t show up in the archived feeds of any of the usual podcast directories, and I can’t find my original episode captions. So, you can go in cold, and enjoy a discussion from the world as it was around one year ago i.e. better than it is now.

Uncanny Alley Episode 5: A Merry Band of Digital Criminals

First published 13-03-19

Andrea and Charlie talk about the utter lack of ethics at Facebook and their deceiving tactics, while managing to deliver what’s intimately known as “the most delayed episode ever”.

It might be worth mentioning here that I have a couple of posts about how I record and edit these podcasts. Yes, this one was originally weeks late, mostly down to me not getting around to editing it, but the editing process is really quick:

How I edit podcasts with Apple Pencil on iPad Pro

How I record podcasts on iPad only

How to record podcasts on iPad part II: The apps

Uncanny Alley Episode 4: Podcast Vérité

First published 27-01-2019

Charlie and Andrea talk about the content they consume, one infamous video that Charlie has no intention of ever consuming, and conspiracy theories worth appreciating at least for their narrative.

This episode has a previously-unknown alternative title: A Thelma and Louise Death

Uncanny Alley Episode 3: Holding Gelato

First published 23-12-2018

Like every single person who gets paid for writing, Andrea and Charlie like to talk about keyboards. Quiet, or clicky? Long travel distance or short jumpy keys? Why would Italian put a vowel at the end of many Spanish words? And, most importantly: Chinese Democracy.

Uncanny Alley Episode 2: A Hipster Nordic Ø

First published 04-12-2018

Andrea and Charlie discuss talk about why phone cameras will always be different from regular cameras. Computational photography started out trying to fix the problems with tiny sensors, and now they let cameras like the iPhone do tricks that are …

Uncanny Alley Episode 1: A Doll’s Deadly Whisper

Back at the turn of 2018/2019, I recorded and published five episodes of The Uncanny Alley podcast with my friend and technology journalist Andrea Nepori. The domain has since lapsed, so I’m publishing all five episodes here. Here’s the first.

First published 23-11.2018

Andrea and Charlie discuss the new 2018 iPad Pro, Andrea’s disco music iPad, and argue about folders.