Fixing a friend’s iMac. Won’t reconnect to Wi-Fi after sleep, or other disconnection.

I have set network service order; created new user; removed other Wi-Fi networks; deleted system network plists.

Any other ideas?

What iOS apps do you use for adding an audio track to a video? Must be controllable enough for voice syncing.

I’m writing an article about improving sound when shooting iPhone videos.

If you install the Shortcuts beta in iOS 12, the Workflow folder gets renamed to Shortcuts. Workflows still work, though.

Tech writers: when you write “traditional,’ you almost certainly mean “conventional,” “customary,” or “established.”

What do you use for geotagging photos taken on a regular camera? I’d like to import photos to my iPad, and add location data. What’s the laziest way to do it?

Toto’s Africa might be one of the greatest pop songs ever made, but the lyrics are nutso, even by 1980s standards. and Tumblr: Any reason not to?

I have my hooked up to my Tumblr using RSS, and I’m wondering if there’s any downside to that?

The Tumblr uses my own domain name, as I prefer to keep my site there because Tumblr’s design options are so deep. I guess there’s always a risk of Tumblr shutting down at some point, but otherwise it seems ideal.

I’ve only been here a few days, but already I’m getting much more/better conversations than Twitter. I was thrown by the lack of a follower count at first, but who needs it? I have lots of Twitter followers, but no-one ever replies. (They’re probably all PR bots anyway).