Please Offer Me a Seat badge
Image credit: Transit Supply

Transit Card Sticker says ‘Please offer me a seat’

Unless you’re a monster or a psychopath, then you give up your bus or metro seat for people that need it more than you. Old folks, people with crutches or sticks. Women with huge pregnancy bumps. But what if a fellow subway rider has an “invisible disability?” What if they need a seat, but it’s not obvious from looking at them?

That’s the problem this new Transit Supply sticker/lanyard badge is meant to solve. Transit Supply is Chris Arvin, a San Francisco-based designer and seller of transit-themed merchandise. His “Please Offer Me a Seat” sticker was conceived and designed with Catherine Callahan, “disability advocate and member of BART’s Accessibility Task Force.”

A better badge

It’s a neat idea, but it’s a poor design. For a start, it’s not visible. The colors are dull, and do not stand out. Now, a wearer might not want to draw attention to themselves, you might say. But isn’t the point of such a sticker to do exactly that?

The German armband. Image credit: Wdesigns.
The German armband. Image credit: Wdesigns.

Take a look another badge designed to help people recognize disability. Used in Germany and other countries, this is an armband for the blind and visually impaired. The armband is bright yellow, with three black dots. It’s impossible to miss, unless the wearer is also wearing a yellow and black top.

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